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Living in Luxury is Not a Pipe Dream



Living in Luxury!

Observing the lifestyles of the rich and famous is a fun pastime for many of us. We dream of how cool it would be to live in the lap of luxury as they do. Fancy cars, premium restaurants, exotic vacations, mansions . what a life they lead! But, for most people, this dream is quickly followed by the thought not for me. And often some sort of condemnation of the rich follows to soothe our wounded ego because of how we’re not able to achieve what they have. 

Several serious fallacies surround the idea that what the rich and famous have cannot be achieved by most other persons. The ideas of scarcity and the moral wrongness of wealth are two of the primary culprits perpetuating the idea that a life of luxury is a pipe dream. The universe is abundantly overflowing with all that is needed for everyone it is individual thinking and feeling that directs the flow. If you believe in lack, lack is what you will get. If you believe in the infinite abundance and love of the universe, that is what you’ll get. The idea of the moral wrongness of having or acquiring great wealth and luxury is absurd in the face of a universe of unending supply. 

Dare to think outside of fear-based, limited supply ideas. You can live a life of luxury. There is no wrong in achieving a comfortable and abundant life. Your life is your responsibility. Your neighbor’s life is your neighbor’s responsibility. This is what makes giving to others and gratitude for what you have so rich. Giving to others is not an obligation, it is a choice motivated by love. Gratitude for what you have and what you receive will grow what you receive. Living in luxury can be yours if you choose it. By allowing yourself to enjoy that luxury without guilt, you are simultaneously allowing others the same right. In other words, you are loving others as you love yourself.


In a Nutshell, Seize the Moment

Sorrow gives way to delight and vice versa. Just like sunset makes room for darkness and after a heavy rain there’s a rainbow. The interaction between these sequential elements is what life is all about.

Life is like a rollercoaster, when you head upwards everything seems to be bright and promising and as soon as you head down, it feels like you wish for your coffin to come embrace you and put an end to your miserable life.
When everything goes according to plan, you feel your soul is crowned with a halo but when doors slam in your face, you just sink in despondency and melancholy.

Seizing the moment is the only powerful sort of action you can do after coming to this conclusion that nothing lasts forever and that’s just a figment of your imagination. Personally speaking, I don’t even believe that the let downs I face are meant to be fierce and drastic.

My mindset is kind of on the loose because I set it to firmly believe that everything happens for a Good reason, it’s only us that decide whether to stand with a spoon or a bucket aside life’s overflowing river. To get this much more clearly, I believe that the Almighty God answers in three ways. Yes because you deserve it, No because you deserve better, or Not yet because the best is yet to come.

I know it’s easy said than done because it’s a human nature to get upset and sad after you get knocked down, but we need to learn the art of getting up after getting knocked down and forget history and aim higher.

A Wise Man Once Told Me

Yesterday Morning April 15th, 2012 while bading one of my family members adieu, an Old Man who was so vigorous and talkative whose words held great deal of Sincerity and Passion was sitting inside a shop right in the corner while we were there for almost fleeting moments to tell my nephew’s uncle Good-Bye.

As soon as we finished all the Good-Bye Stuff, “O men, wait til I give you a piece of Advice since you guys share Blood Kinship with this beloved great man” the Old Man bursted saying. Then we replied saying: “Sure, that would be the best thing ever. Go ahead.”

” The utmost important thing is Never get in situations that would neither make you bedridden, wheelchaired nor cornered for your voice wouldn’t be heard in case you wanna stand against the World someday. Never be Drug Dealers. Never Ever let something get in the way that would Physically, Emotionally and Mentally spoil your mood and break you down and just LET Things go with the flow because You will ultimately be what you are Destined to BE.”

and Oh! Fuck You!

Why Does History bound to repeat itself ?

I Lost a Good Friend for 5 years, and we barely got together and Guess What!!!! The same Main Reason that was the Cut-off point has just happened again Tonight.

What I’ve learned is

That History Does truly repeat itself.
That Time doesnt Always heaal wounds.
That Forgivness doesn’t mean that the other person is gonna Definitly Change.
That no matter how sweeet a Morrocan girl’s heart is, she always remains a Slut. (not all of them but definitly Most of them)
That I am stupid for being Naive.