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Living in Luxury is Not a Pipe Dream



Living in Luxury!

Observing the lifestyles of the rich and famous is a fun pastime for many of us. We dream of how cool it would be to live in the lap of luxury as they do. Fancy cars, premium restaurants, exotic vacations, mansions . what a life they lead! But, for most people, this dream is quickly followed by the thought not for me. And often some sort of condemnation of the rich follows to soothe our wounded ego because of how we’re not able to achieve what they have. 

Several serious fallacies surround the idea that what the rich and famous have cannot be achieved by most other persons. The ideas of scarcity and the moral wrongness of wealth are two of the primary culprits perpetuating the idea that a life of luxury is a pipe dream. The universe is abundantly overflowing with all that is needed for everyone it is individual thinking and feeling that directs the flow. If you believe in lack, lack is what you will get. If you believe in the infinite abundance and love of the universe, that is what you’ll get. The idea of the moral wrongness of having or acquiring great wealth and luxury is absurd in the face of a universe of unending supply. 

Dare to think outside of fear-based, limited supply ideas. You can live a life of luxury. There is no wrong in achieving a comfortable and abundant life. Your life is your responsibility. Your neighbor’s life is your neighbor’s responsibility. This is what makes giving to others and gratitude for what you have so rich. Giving to others is not an obligation, it is a choice motivated by love. Gratitude for what you have and what you receive will grow what you receive. Living in luxury can be yours if you choose it. By allowing yourself to enjoy that luxury without guilt, you are simultaneously allowing others the same right. In other words, you are loving others as you love yourself.


The Meaning of Life is a Life of Meaning

Every born soul has an ingrained and deep-rooted talent. Unfortunately, a great ratio of people haven’t discovered the inner gifts in them and many will never in their lifetime. Human beings are far greater than just being a number holding down a spot in the world population figure. They make things happen and they change the world into a better place to live in. But this latter case won’t happen if we don’t recognize our gifts and harness the potential that lies within us.

It’s time to break our shells and come out of our isolation and give room for our skills and talents to find expression because without that, it won’t certainly manifest. Until we get hold of what life really means for every one of us, we will never enjoy it and we will skip a hoard load of opportunities that are delivered to us because life is but an overflowing river, it’s only up to us whether we stand there with a bucket or a spoon.

What we ought to do is merely search for that ability to spot and understand our gifts and embrace them by looking deep inside us. Living a fulfilling life begins with us having clarity about our purpose. Once we reach that place, we will gain back the control to put those gifts to use for indeed that will set us up for a manifest success.



The Red “Alone But Never Lonely” Flag


Paradoxically, many human beings in today’s world have mastered the art of filling their hollow lives at the expense of the eerie silence. And sometimes, Alone but not lonely is a flag that we raise and cherish without realizing that’s it’s a red flag.

When we fall in that circle, we tend to try find ourselves means of distraction that will result in driving us slightly away from feelings of inaction and boredom. But the main wish to elude loneliness sticks and goes along the way with us side by side.

Loneliness and solitude are two distinct terms. Not to be mistaken, there’s an ocean of difference between the two. Solitude is when you freely decide to take some time out for your peace of mind whether you have a great deal of friends or not. Loneliness on the other hand is being without companions, it’s a no-choice situation, because you are either shy or you don’t have socializing tools.

In many places, there is for instance a certain category of youngsters who fall in the bad cliques pitfalls just for the sake of killing their time. Likewise, there are some single women who just literally date any man they have no genuine interest in while they hopefully await their alleged Mr. Right to show up.

Alone but never lonely must rather be a flag that radiates good omen. The silence we experience in our isolation should be a golden lesson for us that teaches us how to effectively listen to our inner voice and what’s going on in our deep down. It’s only then we can have the right and favorable space and time to think and react without being outwardly influenced.

Sleep more to Succeed

The successful people often pride themselves upon their own accomplishments in activities, hobbies and also jobs. They routinely smash through objectives and aims and being leaders in society. But this has a price tag.

With each achievement, a possible and potential failure looks excruciating which generates a disorder in our lifestyles by making us pass up family gatherings and stay over the working hours in order to avert such failure.

For a lot of achievers, hunting the impossible provides them a meaningful purpose. But the latter throws off our lives’ natural balance. In most cases this imbalance gives way to stress and depression which are the leading reasons for illness prevalence in many countries.

Stress causes significant damage in our immune system and hypertension and also causes an increase of weight. So getting more and more sleep is critical to maintain an equilibrium and sustain our overall health. A study in 2005 revealed that individuals that get less than 5 hours of sleep are 2.5 times more likely to be diabetic.

So striving for Perfection sometimes isn’t worth the payoff. Keep in mind that working hard at the appropriate time and getting much rest are quite essential to maintain a lively productive schedule.

By ~ Lahcen Benkerkiche