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41 Things I’m Bitter About

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picSo I heard it was your birthday…

It is again that time of year when I get to celebrate all the people asking me stupid questions like, “What are you going to do today?” and “What kind of cake do you want?” and “What presents did you get?” and “How can I annoy you the most today on the day that you want to be annoyed the least?”.   “How can I make the day that you used to look forward to be the day you dread the most?”.  “What cheesy phrase can I spit out from my arsenal of cheesy phrases that will make you groan the most?” I have several other questions that I just can’t wait to hear, but I’m hoping that you are smart enough to figure out the point by now.  If not, I have a super deep hole you can jump in that will help…

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Let’s Forget

Lovely post that impressed me.

Source of Inspiration


I no longer want
to be trapped by
memories–full of
should-haves, guilt,
regret, disappointment.
Even “good” memories
can be a trap…
“I remember when…”
impliess regret that this
no longer exists.

Now, not yesterday or
tomorrow. Just now is
where I want to be,
and really, the only
place where I exist.

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