Perfectionism is Self-Sabotaging

Perfectionism is Self-Sabotaging

Perfectionism and striving for perfection is merely a shield a lot of perfectionists hide behind. Seeking wholeness is a road trodden by millions of unwary people of which its essence is no more than earning acceptance and approval.

 Sometimes these perfectionists only step on the threshold of success because they work hard demonstrating the right behaviors and etiquettes or craving for compliments and praise for their achievements and performances.

Perfectionism is mechanism we use to get protected from certain potential pain that might be gained by others saying that we are not good enough or can’t live up to their expectations.

What we don’t realize is that we sabotage ourselves and our efforts trying to be the best. We just get too exhausted always trying so hard to get thumbs up. Research says that perfectionism actually hampers success and chains us because of being outwardly influenced by media that often makes us believe we are not perfect enough.

Being imperfectly perfect sets us free and make us embrace our imperfections. It teaches us modesty and how to let go of what we perceive others think of us and simply fall in love with who we truly are. 


27 responses to “Perfectionism is Self-Sabotaging

  1. Honestly, I always wanted to have billions of friends, and be perfect in chracter and looks. Have a perfect lough and smile. Have perfect marks and relationships with friends. But with time I realised that Being perfect actually I will have nothing. No honest friends, no unbribed marks, no proud of myself. That’s why I let it go and said “Whoever wants to talk with me, will talk whatever I will be. Whoever wants to evaluate me, will evaluate me as I am. And if one doesn’t like sth about me sorry, I can’t fit to each person ^^” Which showed me my true friends, their honesty and trust. So here few more details about me mchichaa :p but thats pretty obvious

    • I do believe that when a person is trying to be or just look perfect, he just ends up missing a lot of things. This just shows how coceited this person is and how paranoid he is to let the world see the true HIM. Seeking perfectionism is but a fake mask we put on. And worse than that we let people fall in love with who we are not at the first place.
      I personally agree with your own beliefs that Id rather be ME and never act up because thats the only way you will be so authentically magnetic gravitating True friends and genuine Love.

  2. notedinnashville

    What a lovely post. A wise man once taught me to broaden my definition of perfection. “Perfection” he said, “is when my wife, children, and grandchildren get to spend the holidays together.”

  3. Great post! And I totally agree. As a writer if I try to make the line, chapter etc perfect I wind up writing nothing. But If I give in to my sloppy, more creative side I get magic…eventually 🙂

  4. I have a sticker on the back of my car that says “Practically Einstein.”
    Imperfectly perfect in my own way. 🙂

  5. “imperfectly perfect” – love it!

  6. Thanks for following. I love the article. 🙂 I’m not a perfectionist-only when I write.:)

  7. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    Excellent. Well said. Love it. Excellent! 🙂

  8. So easy to know consciously, like most simple truths in life, and so difficult to remember sometimes. Especially when it’s about writing, right? 🙂 With grammar it is useful, but with a story, where is the point where it gets in the way of creativity?

    • I totally am in the same shoes you re in. I think, and this may totally be wrong, that it depends on the perfectionist himself. Sometimes thats just a toxic obssession. Perfectionism can get in the way of creativity when this perfectionist is literally craving for something beyond what is ideal not to mention that which is extra-ordinary.
      But I personally think seeking perfection for creativity is the greatest motive that drives us to explore the limitless human mind.

      • You’re probably right there; in that perfectionism drives you forward. It certainly drives me forward, but it may also stop me from finishing anything properly unless I find the balance between settling for a second-best and chasing the non-existent very best. The truth probably lies somewhere in-between (as usual).

  9. So true! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Very true. I learned this the hard way haha. Trying to be perfect when you’re imperfect only leads a lot of painful scars that no one can see.

  11. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 It’s so true.. “The goal of perfection has led the whole of humanity towards madness; the earth has almost become a madhouse” – Osho

  12. Well said! To add to it – instead of aiming for PERFECTION we should just all strive for EXCELLENCE!

  13. I truly evoke your thoughts and believe that one should accept one’s flaws and be as real as it gets. I however would like to know your views on Sufism. I read that they strive for being perfect. It is like they want to behave and wish to show an utmost “ideal” behavior.

    Scholars have said that for a sufi it is like to be one with god and since a sufi believes that the god is watching over it. He/She needs to maintain or strive for the perfection time and again.Much like a school headmaster is watching you. Therefore, they try to attain that perfect state.

  14. Your blog post really touched a nerve with me! I’m such a perfectionist that it has actually become an obstacle. I think I’m going to adopt “Being imperfectly perfect sets ME free and makes ME embrace my imperfections” as my motto for 2013!

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