Here’s Why Some People Are Talkative

Some people are so talkative and it’s easy for them to make and lead non-stop conversations with others whereas others find it so difficult and hard to make a conversation with people. At the end of the day, you just wish you could be talkative just like them.

Those talkative people often seem to never worry about what they utter. They seem to be so self-confident and they seldom think of what others think of them because they have good self esteem.

Another reason why a great number of those people who talk so much like machines is they are born extroverts. They probably grew up around other people like in my part of the world where I live in a very crowded place. They easily get outgoing and they enjoy being surrounded by others rather than being alone.

There is also insensitivity when it comes to social cues particularly when they don’t pay enough attention or listen to the other person, not to mention how arrogant these talkative people may be. They are sometimes very conceited with their own haughtiness and their own sense of self importance.

You might be considered a talkative person in the eyes of others too, and the way to get a better balanced conversation is to learn how to pay more attention to your behavior during conversations and leave more space for others to participate in talking.

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By ~ Lahcen Benkerkiche  Check out my other Blog at

7 thoughts on “Here’s Why Some People Are Talkative

  1. Love it :p so psychological :p But according my psychological knowledge, most of people are mixture of both. Even me, I can talk a lot, but I can get shy if I make a mistake or being asked of something personal :p

  2. Lahcen,
    I enjoyed thinking along with you! However, there may be other reasons why some people talk too much. For instance, my Mother shared the wisdom that some people talk a lot because they live alone and rarely have anyone to talk to. Talking is an important thing in human nature, and to be denied communication is awful. However, as you showed, we must be careful of others, listening well too, and knowing when it’s best to keep silent.

    I want to thank you for visiting my website!!


    • I have been made fun of a lot in my life because of how much I talk. I have been told that I will have difficulty maintaining employment, relationships and a social life because of being talkative. I try very hard to listen to others when they talk and give others a turn in the conversation to respond and share but I still get made fun of and have difficulty being quiet. It’s like an impulse that I can’t control like OCD. It’s not that I live alone, I live with another person who talks constantly but doesn’t listen. I get very upset when people make fun of me for talking because it’s a part of who I am. I can’t change that. I try really hard to control it but it’s difficult. I don’t follow people when they walk away and I try not to interrupt others. I’m not rude to other people and I have been told I’m very funny when I get worked up about something. I would never put someone down for being quiet or shy so why should someone ridicule me because I want to share my thoughts and experiences with them. My talkative trait has create a lot of friends in my life with shy people that wouldn’t normally approach me or open up. I bring people out of their shells and if it wasn’t for talkative people like me, who would bring you out of your shell?

  3. Being too talkative might be difficult for others, for instance, in the classroom, in a workplace, not to mention at a movie theater or similar events. There is some certain limit when too much talking causes bad feelings in others. I find that people who engage in a lot of talking spend all energy on that, so they get done way less. Since they pay less attention to anything else, they learn less, notice less and miss out on other things which may be important.

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