The Red “Alone But Never Lonely” Flag


Paradoxically, many human beings in today’s world have mastered the art of filling their hollow lives at the expense of the eerie silence. And sometimes, Alone but not lonely is a flag that we raise and cherish without realizing that’s it’s a red flag.

When we fall in that circle, we tend to try find ourselves means of distraction that will result in driving us slightly away from feelings of inaction and boredom. But the main wish to elude loneliness sticks and goes along the way with us side by side.

Loneliness and solitude are two distinct terms. Not to be mistaken, there’s an ocean of difference between the two. Solitude is when you freely decide to take some time out for your peace of mind whether you have a great deal of friends or not. Loneliness on the other hand is being without companions, it’s a no-choice situation, because you are either shy or you don’t have socializing tools.

In many places, there is for instance a certain category of youngsters who fall in the bad cliques pitfalls just for the sake of killing their time. Likewise, there are some single women who just literally date any man they have no genuine interest in while they hopefully await their alleged Mr. Right to show up.

Alone but never lonely must rather be a flag that radiates good omen. The silence we experience in our isolation should be a golden lesson for us that teaches us how to effectively listen to our inner voice and what’s going on in our deep down. It’s only then we can have the right and favorable space and time to think and react without being outwardly influenced.


One response to “The Red “Alone But Never Lonely” Flag

  1. Thanks for this post. The last part is it for me. Sometimes I don’t just feel like the crowd.

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