Smile so The World Smiles Back With You

Smile and the world smiles back with you.

Surely, it isn’t just about grinning and showing few teeth. It’s about your own performance within your own area of influence in society. This performance is a key link to what type of people interact with you, how many well-wishers you have and haters that keep on hating you.

As an analogy, it’s much like the scoreboard in a gymnasium that shows and indicates the performance of the teams playing the game. In other words, we make people behave the way they do because they are influenced by our own behavior. It’s that simple and plain.

If you got a pretty charming smile, you should thank the Almighty God for bestowing his grace upon you. As a matter of fact, a simple smile can heal wounds and can captivate people bewitchingly because it’s miraculous. It’s free and as a Muslim, it’s an act of worship, so that’s more motivating and meaningful.

If you are embarrassed about the stains on your teeth or got crooked teeth, I guess you still can smile with your mouth shut because if you don’t you might miss a lot of virtues and goodness. Worse than that you might make your face to face interaction and body language influence the outer world negatively due to the way you behave.

With this approach and principle, and with our excitement and enthusiasm. I think we will definitely get the right and favorable response, and not only that, but attain power to reframe and change the world.  


4 responses to “Smile so The World Smiles Back With You

  1. Mashallah truth, but here are some truth facts that we all probably know that even if person have stains on his/her teeth or a crooked it can be the most beautiful sincere smile of all ^^ I believe that persons’ smile depends on person himself 🙂 If he/she is kind, people look into his/hers heart, but if he/she is liar or bullier or whatever mean, beautiful smile and white teeth won’t save him/her from people avoids of him/her 🙂

    • Thats a very important issue. No matter how good loooking we might be, if we are ugly inside, Our smile wont even be that charming. So it s very recommended we fix our mannerisms before we think of fixing our crooked teeth loool

  2. Agreeeeeeee 😀 Can’t wait for your new posts mister ^^

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