Sleep more to Succeed

The successful people often pride themselves upon their own accomplishments in activities, hobbies and also jobs. They routinely smash through objectives and aims and being leaders in society. But this has a price tag.

With each achievement, a possible and potential failure looks excruciating which generates a disorder in our lifestyles by making us pass up family gatherings and stay over the working hours in order to avert such failure.

For a lot of achievers, hunting the impossible provides them a meaningful purpose. But the latter throws off our lives’ natural balance. In most cases this imbalance gives way to stress and depression which are the leading reasons for illness prevalence in many countries.

Stress causes significant damage in our immune system and hypertension and also causes an increase of weight. So getting more and more sleep is critical to maintain an equilibrium and sustain our overall health. A study in 2005 revealed that individuals that get less than 5 hours of sleep are 2.5 times more likely to be diabetic.

So striving for Perfection sometimes isn’t worth the payoff. Keep in mind that working hard at the appropriate time and getting much rest are quite essential to maintain a lively productive schedule.

By ~ Lahcen Benkerkiche


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