Changing the Awkward Reality

It is mostly taken for granted that history is bound to repeat itself. People do often think that today is but a mirror image of yesterday and that the future is going to be the same as today.

But the fact is that everything is constantly and imperceptibly changing without even being aware of that. It’s probably the inability to catch up the changing reality that ultimately leads to failures. And so people fall in the trap of some superstitious thoughts such as blaming the stars or lucky charms, or even blaming whole society and economy.

Reality is an amalgamation of space and time which are two non-static concepts that are in constant dynamic motion. It is an undeniable fact that every moment is different and unique and every incident has many hues of reality. Changing the negative and awkward reality needs examining the negative beliefs we have had in our past experiences because they hold us back. Likewise, we must let the belief that the world is persistently changing and that you are the creator of your own reality kick in.

It all starts from within. Once you master the art of optimism and creating your own world in which you can actively fit in, you will gradually climb the ladder of success and perhaps have your fingerprint on someone’s heart. 


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