Remedy for being Paranoid

Self Leadership is one of the potentials you can use in your everyday routine to improve your own life and to protect yourself from potential harm as well. It’s incredibly essential if you aspire to be an influential leader. 

 Paranoia in a nutshell is an attitude. Every one of us has that voice that echoes in our head that sort of perceives and senses certain happenings that something was about to occur and it probably did or maybe it didn’t. According to those experiences, we   might get paranoid due to the angle from where we looked at the whole matter. Well, now an ordinary optimist says the glass is half full whereas the pessimist says the glass is half empty; and there could be another third party that could be Super Optimist who might say that the glass is full (with water and air) and it’s about to overflow like a fountain.

That intuition isn’t a supernatural element but a gut feeling we have. So we have to reform that instinct within and be an inverse paranoid human being to improve our life quality by learning to trust ourselves and know we have the power within us to make good decisions because simply the more you look for the good in things, the sooner and more often it will show up.

To wrap things up, in order to be a successful person or leader you have to start seeing problems as opportunities – which is unfortunately not hereditary -for that’s the single way to boost your self confidence and self esteem to feel way far empowered.


4 responses to “Remedy for being Paranoid

  1. I like the third party idea! I’m going to say that next time someone brings up the glass thing. (But remain a pessimist “at heart.”)

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