Consumption and Production Imbalance

Without a shadow of doubt, almost every person, no matter which spot on earth he is standing with his one pair of feet, is a definite full-time consumer victim.

It is deceptively simple that all full-time consumers are far off the production platform. There’s always this sparkling horizon that’s brings forth new stuff every day in every field you can think of, be it a new song, movie, or simply a new everything. And so, you keep up doing your best to save cash for that new iphone or movie to watch at the movies with your friends by the weekend.

It’s a problematic lifestyle that would hinder you from catching up. No matter what, you will be behind simply because there is always something to consume. Once we fall deeper in that trap of consumption trying to fill a void, somewhere along the line we forget that it is an ever-important thing to simultaneously be a balanced consumer and producer. Instead of just watching TV, reading books, or playing video games we need to change our characteristics and be at least to a certain extent productive by creating ideas for TV, writing, and programming.

Once you are aware of your positioning in the spectrum between consumer and producer, it would make you change the imbalance to strive for the betterment of your life achieving some goals and be among the successful who contribute in their society.


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