and Oh! Fuck You!

Why Does History bound to repeat itself ?

I Lost a Good Friend for 5 years, and we barely got together and Guess What!!!! The same Main Reason that was the Cut-off point has just happened again Tonight.

What I’ve learned is

That History Does truly repeat itself.
That Time doesnt Always heaal wounds.
That Forgivness doesn’t mean that the other person is gonna Definitly Change.
That no matter how sweeet a Morrocan girl’s heart is, she always remains a Slut. (not all of them but definitly Most of them)
That I am stupid for being Naive.


3 responses to “and Oh! Fuck You!

  1. I liked reading your blog but at this point I can only beg to differ. Calling all of them might be a little too harsh. But then, it’s your blog.

    • Its not because it is my blog lol. What i ve had kinda confirmed the things i ve said in that post lol. Thats what happened and thats how i percieved it lol but thanks anyway 🙂 and I take back my harsh words. 🙂

  2. It isn’t really a issue at all. I just felt so wrote. Anyway I have never stepped out of India so have no idea about Moroccan women. But I am glad you appreciated the gesture.

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