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A Wise Man Once Told Me

Yesterday Morning April 15th, 2012 while bading one of my family members adieu, an Old Man who was so vigorous and talkative whose words held great deal of Sincerity and Passion was sitting inside a shop right in the corner while we were there for almost fleeting moments to tell my nephew’s uncle Good-Bye.

As soon as we finished all the Good-Bye Stuff, “O men, wait til I give you a piece of Advice since you guys share Blood Kinship with this beloved great man” the Old Man bursted saying. Then we replied saying: “Sure, that would be the best thing ever. Go ahead.”

” The utmost important thing is Never get in situations that would neither make you bedridden, wheelchaired nor cornered for your voice wouldn’t be heard in case you wanna stand against the World someday. Never be Drug Dealers. Never Ever let something get in the way that would Physically, Emotionally and Mentally spoil your mood and break you down and just LET Things go with the flow because You will ultimately be what you are Destined to BE.”


Why Do We Close Our EYES

Why do we close our eyes when we pray? When we cry? When we dream? Or when we kiss? Because we know that the most beautiful things in life are not seen, but felt by heart. ♡

Dear Society

Jasmine was in a relationship with a dirty homeless boy named Aladdin.
Snow White lived alone with 7 men.
Pinnochio  was a Liar.
Robin Hood was a thief
Tarzan walked around without clothes on.
A stranger kisses Sleeping Beauty and she married him.
Cindrella lied and snuck out at a Night to attend a party.

We were taught to rebel since a Young Age.

and Oh! Fuck You!

Why Does History bound to repeat itself ?

I Lost a Good Friend for 5 years, and we barely got together and Guess What!!!! The same Main Reason that was the Cut-off point has just happened again Tonight.

What I’ve learned is

That History Does truly repeat itself.
That Time doesnt Always heaal wounds.
That Forgivness doesn’t mean that the other person is gonna Definitly Change.
That no matter how sweeet a Morrocan girl’s heart is, she always remains a Slut. (not all of them but definitly Most of them)
That I am stupid for being Naive.