I am a Superhero With Super Powers.

As adults, we all like superheroes. For some reason, there is a lot to be said about those who put their personal safety aside for the sake of others.

SuperHeroKidHollywood, every now and then, reminds us of remarkable characters we once loved and for a short time we all become kids again. We snap out the memory to the thought that superheroes are mere childhood fantasies.

The reason for me to write down this little thought that crossed my mind is to share the thought that at some point of our lives we all thought that we were born to be superheroes with super powers.

With eyes wide open, each one of us will realize that we have deep within what it takes to be our own superheroes instead of just thinking that Hollywood characters are just fake fantasies.  

The Meaning of Life is a Life of Meaning

Every born soul has an ingrained and deep-rooted talent. Unfortunately, a great ratio of people haven’t discovered the inner gifts in them and many will never in their lifetime. Human beings are far greater than just being a number holding down a spot in the world population figure. They make things happen and they change the world into a better place to live in. But this latter case won’t happen if we don’t recognize our gifts and harness the potential that lies within us.

It’s time to break our shells and come out of our isolation and give room for our skills and talents to find expression because without that, it won’t certainly manifest. Until we get hold of what life really means for every one of us, we will never enjoy it and we will skip a hoard load of opportunities that are delivered to us because life is but an overflowing river, it’s only up to us whether we stand there with a bucket or a spoon.

What we ought to do is merely search for that ability to spot and understand our gifts and embrace them by looking deep inside us. Living a fulfilling life begins with us having clarity about our purpose. Once we reach that place, we will gain back the control to put those gifts to use for indeed that will set us up for a manifest success.



Perfectionism is Self-Sabotaging

Perfectionism is Self-Sabotaging

Perfectionism and striving for perfection is merely a shield a lot of perfectionists hide behind. Seeking wholeness is a road trodden by millions of unwary people of which its essence is no more than earning acceptance and approval.

 Sometimes these perfectionists only step on the threshold of success because they work hard demonstrating the right behaviors and etiquettes or craving for compliments and praise for their achievements and performances.

Perfectionism is mechanism we use to get protected from certain potential pain that might be gained by others saying that we are not good enough or can’t live up to their expectations.

What we don’t realize is that we sabotage ourselves and our efforts trying to be the best. We just get too exhausted always trying so hard to get thumbs up. Research says that perfectionism actually hampers success and chains us because of being outwardly influenced by media that often makes us believe we are not perfect enough.

Being imperfectly perfect sets us free and make us embrace our imperfections. It teaches us modesty and how to let go of what we perceive others think of us and simply fall in love with who we truly are. 

Here’s Why Some People Are Talkative

Some people are so talkative and it’s easy for them to make and lead non-stop conversations with others whereas others find it so difficult and hard to make a conversation with people. At the end of the day, you just wish you could be talkative just like them.

Those talkative people often seem to never worry about what they utter. They seem to be so self-confident and they seldom think of what others think of them because they have good self esteem.

Another reason why a great number of those people who talk so much like machines is they are born extroverts. They probably grew up around other people like in my part of the world where I live in a very crowded place. They easily get outgoing and they enjoy being surrounded by others rather than being alone.

There is also insensitivity when it comes to social cues particularly when they don’t pay enough attention or listen to the other person, not to mention how arrogant these talkative people may be. They are sometimes very conceited with their own haughtiness and their own sense of self importance.

You might be considered a talkative person in the eyes of others too, and the way to get a better balanced conversation is to learn how to pay more attention to your behavior during conversations and leave more space for others to participate in talking.

By ~ Lahcen Benkerkiche